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We do not say it enough, to seduce an Aquarius man, be his friend first. Classic relationships do not interest him. He likes originality and dynamism. Take your time and show her that you are worth knowing.

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– Don’t be like an open book. You should stand out from her other friends. He is a man who likes to be surprised, fascinated. Create the need to know yourself and let it immerse itself in your personality and leaf through its pages.

Be passionate about his spirit. Aquarius is a being who is overflowing with creativity and is full of ideas and ambition.

– Show yourself open, accept all his friends, those he is used to taking under his wing, be also full of humor.

– Don’t rush him. Make him proposals without forcing them, avoid manipulating him.

– Also avoid being jealous, the Aquarius man does not understand this concept.

– Leave him free because the Aquarius man needs his space and his freedom. The more you trust him and let him move freely, the more precious you will be in his eyes.

– Keep in mind that your relationship should be fun and not too serious. It’s pretty hard to catalog an Aquarius or put it somewhere. The relationship will last a lot longer if you take your time and don’t force her hand.

For the Aquarius man, a love story is a wonderful experience because, according to him, it gives the possibility of revealing oneself, of transcending the limits of everyday life. He does not seek the routine of a relationship like all the others with movie-restaurant-ballad outings in the park. To seduce the Aquarius man, with the aim of a lasting relationship, it will therefore be necessary to flee the routine and avoid at all costs suffocating him. To conclude, if you are considering a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man, start first by being his friend, then his lover but also the absent one day …