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Astrological Profile of the Aries Man

The Aries man feels best in the role of leader, boss, and guide. Mars, the planet master of the sign, gives it great virility, victorious spirit, inexhaustible energy, and a robust allure!

He is curious, enterprising, courageous, but impatient, superficial, quickly growing weary of his victories and conquests, always needing new, fresh, even more, exciting stimuli to feel vibrant and fully enjoy life.

He is often athletic or military, and even if he does not exercise these professions, we can recognize him by this posture of manager, leader. He enjoys challenges, novelty, and remains young at heart throughout his life.

Often angry, he imposes, directs, and supports badly the disobedience and the revolt of the others. He does not like to isolate himself, does not think too much, his motto is action at all costs, in all spheres of his life!

The personality of the Aries man

Willful, autonomous, capricious, he remains young, even immature, but compensates for this character trait with daring and optimism.

He often takes life lightly and does not shy away from adventures, conquests, new things! He likes surprises, as does laughter and humor.

He never despairs, quickly recovers from defeat, and looks for other interesting grounds where he could show his leadership and dominance.

Casual, carefree, direct, he keeps a spontaneous side in all activities. His concerns relate to power and self-assertion, so he can’t be content with the role of subordinate or submissive!

We must accept it as it is because it bears very badly the attempts to “tame” it “to” pacify “it. You never get bored with the Aries man, because he moves, advances follows his own fast pace and seduces by spontaneity, boldness, frankness.

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The Aries man can always count on:

  • His optimism
  • His ability to move on
  • His exemplary courage

The Aries man lives in the present moment and enjoys having by his side the company worthy of him, namely people who excel in a field and who are distinguished by exceptional value.

A follower of greatness, courage, daily exploits, he reassures those around him who must give him the main role! But, although he does not lack pride and effrontery, he does not expect too much praise from others but relies solely on his power of action and organization.

Impulsive, dominant, extrovert, he often provokes divergent reactions, because people sometimes find him arrogant, insolent, or deprived of good manners.

He does not seek to make himself understood, but rather to make himself obeyed, so be aware of his strong personal will which is enough for him to move mountains, on his own, if necessary!