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Tricks for your children to obey and behave properly

In our day-to-day lives as parents, we spend a large part of our time and energy getting our children to listen to us and behave. Most of the time we have to arm ourselves with patience as this can become an unattainable challenge.

we are going to give you a series of psychological tricks that will help children do what we ask them to do.

1. Don’t say ‘no’

A good trick is not to use the word ‘no’. Children tend to rebel when listening to it, as they feel that their freedom is being restricted. When they want to do something that doesn’t convince you at all, you can say yes, but with some condition. For example, if they want to watch TV, play with their toys or go to the park, you can say yes, but only if they tidy their room or if they do their homework on time.

2. Use your ‘powers’

If you catch your kids doing some pranks of their own, don’t immediately call their attention. Pretend you haven’t seen anything and turn around. When they know that you are not looking, describe their actions in detail and tell them that you know everything they are doing. They will think you have magical powers and will stop doing those things when you can’t see them.

This happens because the minds of young children are not so developed as to understand that each person perceives things differently.

3. Turn your requests into a fairy tale or a fantastic story

It is normal that when you ask your child to do something, he resists, no matter how good and positive it is. Whatever it is, they will reveal themselves. A great idea is to turn all of your requests into stories,  introduce them into a fantastic story, and get them involved and collaborating. Also, you can sing a song, invent a game, or propose a workshop or craft to finish getting involved. As long as you pull it out of reality, they won’t fight it and see it as fun and novel.

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4. Gentle punishments

If you don’t want your child to have a tantrum and also make his behavior worse (if possible), apply light and consistent punishment. For example, if they misbehave and their attitude towards something is not appropriate, they will have half an hour less in the park or less time on television or series (depending on their age). If you threaten him with a very strong and excessive punishment, it will occupy his mind and while he fulfills it he will look for the moment to get rid of him and do mischief.