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English Learning For Beginners

Learning English as a beginner without any prior knowledge?

Do you have the feeling that everyone except yourself speaks English these days? And that you somehow not really “get it right”? You keep saying to yourself, “This year I’m learning English,” but it just doesn’t work out properly?

Then you’ve come to the right place because in this article we have prepared practical tips with which you can learn English as quickly and effectively as possible. Improve your English now!

These are the four most important basic rules:

First, concentrate on the basics:  English grammar, vocabulary by topic, conjugation, tenses …  Whether you want to learn English, brush up on, or improve your English, the essentials when learning a language are grammar and vocabulary. As long as you have not mastered these basics or at least have heard something of the most important topics, speaking and pronunciation in English will not work either. But how can I learn the basics? If your budget is tight and cannot afford to hire an English tutor from a home tuition agency, then online English courses could be a  great option to be a great solution for you to gain your first experience with the English language.

The advantage of teaching English on the Internet is that it can be varied depending on your mood. However, you should also know that there are also free English courses and other methods of learning English for free. Because “free” does not always necessarily mean poor quality. The easiest way to learn English easily and free of charge is when you use education apps such as Babbel or Duolingo on your smartphone or tablet. You will see that with these useful tools you do not even notice how quickly time goes by.

Speak English !:  With whom? How and when? Just start singing in the shower, reading English texts out loud to yourself, or even talking to yourself. The more you dare to speak up yourself, the more you will feel safe and comfortable. Speaking English also means having a lot of self-confidence. In addition, it’s always exciting to make new contacts – and then with real English people! The most important thing about speaking English is that you are never afraid of having a conversation in English or of being spoken to and having to answer in English. If you follow these tips, you will be able to learn English without problems and enrich yourself personally – even without a language course. By being in contact with English speakers, you can also improve your accent and finally use and pronounce the most important English idioms correctly.

Use English in everyday life and talk to people

Live in English !:  How is that supposed to work? Quite simply, by immersing yourself in the English language. This means, for example, watching films in the original version with or without subtitles, listening to an English-language podcast on the way to work, or reading in English before going to bed. All you have to do is get used to the English language. That means, in order to be able to speak fluently one day, you have to  “live” the English language and also think in English. One of your favorite songs is in English? Then try to translate the text yourself before looking up the lyrics on the Internet. In addition, you could also set all your devices such as smartphones, tablets in English, and write your shopping list in English. By the way, you expand your vocabulary!

Have fun !: Because if you have fun while learning, you can remember what you have learned better and you also make faster progress! If you are not having fun, you will quickly lose motivation again.