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How to learn online

If you want to study online instead of going to school, you don’t need much more than a computer and internet access. Many courses are free today, while others charge a fee. Once you have registered with a provider, you get access data and usually a lot of information about the degree or the course. There are different course offers in terms of time units.

Weekly courses

Some online courses, especially many that are free, are updated weekly or a few days a week. This gives the learners enough time to deal with what they have learned and also to pursue another activity such as a job. Most of the time, on a certain day of the week, you get the tasks for the rest of the week, and often videos that go with it.

Daily courses

Those who are serious can register for courses that require you to log in daily. As in school, there are lectures in the form of videos and homework every day.

Time-flexible offers

In the meantime, it has become common practice for many providers that the students can organize their time freely, but must meet a deadline, for example for exams. Here you get the teaching material in one go, and you can create order yourself and set priorities.

Study at home

It is important to be disciplined when learning online. As in school, you should get up early and study because your ability to concentrate is best in the morning. If the online school doesn’t dictate what to learn in a day, set a goal for yourself and work towards it.


Even those who study at home or on the go should and may take breaks, but not too long. Learning units do not have to be 45 minutes, often 20 minutes, then a 5-minute break, then another 20 minutes, again 5 minutes break and after another 20 minutes a 15-minute break.