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Top 5 Aquarius Flaws

Aquarius is an eccentric and unpredictable dreamer who flows between people and ideas in a chaotic and capricious way, agitating the people he surrounds himself with. 

In the ranking of the 5 main defects of Aquarius we have:

Aquarius is impersonal and whimsical

Aquarius is struck by everything and is capricious and impersonal in their relationships. He does not stop to think that behind are people who can suffer. You don’t do it with bad intentions, but your comings and goings can hurt the feelings of those who appreciate you. It’s hard to get to their heart and it doesn’t do much to let them know. Aquarius does not like to be chained to duties, obligations, or commitments lightly.

Aquarius is radical

Aquarius can be uncompromising and eccentric. They are people who go deep into their own opinions, which can be very radical, and once they form them, they usually do not adapt. They do not usually enter the conflict, they will simply leave the discussion with subtlety, but of course, they will not soften their opinions. 

Aquarians, react very badly to manipulation attempts by others

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Aquarius is unpredictable

Aquarius does not like the established order and enjoys shocking other people with inappropriate behavior or defying public opinion. 

Aquarius is opportunistic

Aquarius almost continually seeks to learn and discover new things and people. If you get carried away, you can end up being a very opportunistic and self-serving person who only uses others for as long as they are useful to you.

Aquarius is unstable

Aquarius moves in a delicate instability. They go through emotional states that are often too complicated to share with others, in those moments they may prefer solitude. 

On the one hand, they are people who, despite their outgoing nature, often feel isolated. It is difficult for them to convey their thoughts since they always live in future dreams that are not easy to share. 

On the other hand, they have eccentric behaviors as a result of their open mind that accepts all ideas, however radical and strange they may seem.